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And, of course, everyone is talking about celebrities. But in this area there are no significant changes, the same people day after day: Justin Bieber, always trying to jump out of his pants, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, shocking the audience and giving contradictory interviews and statements. Did not hear about Madonna and other pop divah beginning of the two thousandth. Bit surprised Christina Aguilera, who made a half-naked photo shoot for an American magazine, being in the state. But these few people are surprised - Demi Moore was the first. Looks like fantasy stars will cease completely, but not so on the world political situation can talk about them all night, but that’s another story. In the Russian-speaking community was megapopulyaren Maxim Chmerkovsky - winner of the TV show “Dancing with the Stars”, which is now credited with the media love affair with Jennifer Lopez. I am personally familiar with it - I can only say one thing: a very charismatic, talented and kind person. A lot of time spent on charitable projects and tries to help, if he has the opportunity, cannot be said about the other star personalities.


Val, Sharna and Serge around 9:02 mark 

Maks on Windy City Live→


It was previously recorded when he made his stop there a couple of months back, so it’s not like he flew out.
Very cute and charming… Very Maks!